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Hi guys, please read this, it’s important. Please note - we have NOT had any scares! I am simply playing it safe, as I have every other time.
It is once again with a heavy, heavy heart, we are temporarily closing the doors to our store.

With Covid rearing it’s ugly, ugly head again, it is in the best interest of my family, my staff and their families, and our customers, that we limit our contact with the public right now.

I know this is inconvenient, trust me, I know it is. For us too. It hinders our sales, it makes us seem inconsistent, and it’s a pain in the absolute arse. But unfortunately there is more at stake here, and I want to keep my people safe. Well, as safe as I can.

We are incredibly lucky in that we can bring our shop staff over to our warehouse to help with online orders, unpacking stock, and doing all the other gazillion things, and I’m extremely, gigantically grateful for that.

Tomorrow morning we will bring all pick up orders from the Cromer store to the warehouse and will get in touch with people so you can collect it from our online warehouse - we can walk it out to your car for you.

In the meantime, what we are doing is this: Shutting the shop, and because we are open to the public we are getting a thorough clean done, just so we’re good to hit the ground running when I feel it’s safe to open again.

We are masking up, sanitising and cleaning our work stations like absolute crazy people, and doing everything we can to keep things sterile and clean and keep ourselves safe.

My staff are actually the best people you will ever know, every single one of them. And I know that every single one of them will do their best to keep each other safe.

Online is still open, we are still processing orders, responding to all emails etc - it’s just the shop is shut.

Thank you so, so much for your continued support through the ups and downs which have been the last 18 months. And for your patience. I will keep you updated as I make decisions, and as we progress during this time.

Big love, Shelley xo


7/161 South Creek Road
Cromer NSW 2099
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Temporarily Closed


37/1-5 Thew Parade
Cromer 2099
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