Where did the name come from?

I love vines, plants, and anything green that grows. And what I really like about a vine is that it keeps growing, no matter what. You cut it, build a fence, build a wall – nothing stops it from growing. So the idea, the concept of naming something after a Vine has always resonated with me – Vine itself didn’t make sense so I put Apparel next to it!


Why did I start Vine Apparel?

Because I felt like a million other women out there who don’t want to spend more than $50-$60 on something new every week, when they’re only going to wear it a handful of times. Everything seemed so expensive and the quality wasn’t anything amazing. So I thought I’d start something myself, not just for me, but for others who were like me and encountered the same challenges I had.

I have always hated the idea or notion of “fashion”. It reeked of elitism - I always felt like it meant you needed to be a skinny little model buying expensive labels and looking amazing. It intimidated me, and I’m sure lots of ladies out there feel the same way too. I have never been a skinny little anything but I love dresses (and pockets and buttons) and I like to look good and more importantly feel good and I won’t wear anything I’m not comfortable in.


What does Vine Apparel stand for?

Vine Apparel can be anything you need it to be. It is for anyone and everyone; it is that piece of clothing you have in your wardrobe that you can put on and feel absolutely amazing in. A Vine Apparel girl has her feet firmly planted on the ground, yet is still a dreamer. She can be anything she wants to be, anything she needs to be at the time. She is happy and confident and shops at Vine Apparel to express herself through her style.  

Our mission is to provide an affordable, reliable option and an easy shopping experience, regardless of where you’re at. You can be any shape and size, tall or not so tall, tanned or transparent and you can find something you love, that you will get compliments on and you will be confident enough to stand tall, regardless of what is going on in your crazy life. A place where you will always find something that is for you.


How it started and where we are now

On a weekend trip to Melbourne to visit my boys – (I used to Nanny in Sydney and their family moved to Melbourne), I found a shop that I loved that had SO much stuff in there and it wasn’t expensive. I contacted the manager and flew down for a meeting. Pretty scary stuff because I had no experience in anything fashion or retail, I was working at an Ad Agency at the time. But they liked me, I bought a few maxis and bits and pieces, hung it up on a rack in my spare room at home and had 5 girlfriends around for a look. They loved it ☺ It was October, right in the middle of market season and I had no hope of getting a stall anywhere, until Jeremy from Figtree Markets at Mona Vale asked me what my story was, loved it and squeezed me in at the Mona Vale Market Day in 2009. Since then we’ve never looked back.

2016 and over 6 years later, you can shop our beautiful range here:

  • Shop online – www.vineapparel.com
  • Shop @ the Warehouse – 7/161 South Creek Road, Cromer
  • Shop @ our beautiful Boutique – 3/19 Bungan St, Mona Vale
  • Visit us at one of our markets – view them here: 
  • Host a clothes party @ home (Sydney wide)  
  • Host a private shopping party in our warehouse 


My Favourite thing about Vine Apparel

It has to be our customers, the people we cater to. Without them and their needs, we wouldn’t even be here. And they are honestly the nicest people in the world. Feedback we get all the time is amazing and I’m just glad that we are here to serve them with the passion and commitment they deserve. More importantly though, is that they are real. Not all photoshopped supermodels who could look good in a paper bag, they are real people. Mums who are always on the go, 20 year olds going to gigs or festivals, someone looking for a dress to wear to a wedding, someone, anyone –  looking for something they can just throw on on those “I have nothing to wear” days. We even have some stylists who visit us regularly as they know they will find something just right for themselves as well as their clients. My favourite is when our customers just pop in, whether they are grabbing a coffee next door or just in the area so they stop in to say hey ☺



We place emphasis on lifestyle – we know that life is expensive, we believe you should always be able to get a new dress/top/nice pair of pants without blowing the budget, so everything is under $59, always. You deserve it ☺ Honestly, when you look good, you feel good. And we love dresses, love them. Vine Apparel is a lifestyle label – you will wear our clothes everywhere – from your everyday errands like the groceries or the school run, to a night out with the girls.

To provide affordable and on trend clothes for women, without compromising on comfort.  To help make looking and feeling good every day, effortless. From every day wear to a cocktail dress, we want to cater to women of all shapes and sizes. Everyone who comes into our shop, warehouse, clothes parties or buys online will find something easy to wear that they will feel AND look good in.  



To be top of mind / the first place women come to for all their shopping needs. To be known for our easy to wear clothes, and to eliminate those “I have nothing to wear days”.  To ensure we provide a warm experience when shopping with us. We want to encourage positive body image. We want to create a community where our customers are: 

  • Happy with our service 
  • They know we can provide whatever they need and we will go out of our way to get it
  • Most importantly – that they leave feeling good.


Our Promise to You

To provide a relaxing, stress free shopping experience where you'll find amazing clothes you will love and LIVE in, at a price that makes you happy.  With nothing over $59 ever & new arrivals weekly, we are the easiest way to eliminate those “I have nothing to wear” days.

We try to create a positive, comfortable atmosphere - where it’s not pushy and there is help at hand should you need it. At the warehouse there is always so much parking, you can bring the kids in and shop in peace while they play in the kiddie's corner - if I had to define it in one word it would be "easy".  

I also love that I can bring my gorgeous puppy Kingston to work with me every day, and all sorts of people lay down on the floor with him for a cuddle. 

So please have a look through the website – please let us know if we can help you with ANYTHING, or pop into our Warehouse or Mona Vale Boutique and check out what we've got.

Have a beautiful day,

Love Shelley & the Vine Apparel girls x 


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