About Us

Hey beautiful, it’s Shelley here, owner and founder of Vine Apparel – welcome :)

I wanted to give you a little bit of an idea of how we came about, and what we are about, so here goes.

The word fashion has always intimidated me – I’ve always felt like it meant you needed to be a skinny little model buying expensive labels and looking perfect at all times. I’ve never been a skinny little anything but I LOVE dresses (and pockets, and buttons) and I like to feel good and be comfortable at ALL times. Jeans were my nemesis.

In 2009 I was 23, wanting new clothes all the time, but couldn’t afford the prices in the shops near where I lived (or didn’t want to pay them). So, I sourced some suppliers and decided to give our local markets a go. From there came clothes parties – where people could shop in the comfort of their own homes with their friends whilst I chatted and ate food, and it grew from there.

It seems like a lifetime ago now – I was doing 7 markets per month and 4-5 clothes parties a week, I can honestly say I absolutely slogged it. I hired a girlfriend to help 1 day a week, which turned into 7 days per week, and it goes on. I’ll put some photos below of how we started so you can see how hilarious it was. It blows my mind that it still works, and I continue to learn and make mistakes every single day.

What does Vine Apparel stand for?

Vine Apparel to me is about making it easy. Effortless. Taking the thinking out of getting dressed. We are reliable, in that you will always have something to wear, and that something will look good every single time you put it on. You know how something can look good one day but the next day you have no idea how on earth you wore it the day before? That doesn’t happen with our stuff.

We want choosing what to wear to be one less thing you need to think about.

You can rely on it. You don’t need to be skinny. Or tall. You can be you, and you can look beautiful, and you can feel beautiful, regardless of what’s going on in your world.

And we are affordable. Always. You can treat yourself and still pay your bills. Buy your kids (and yourself of course) an ice cream at the beach. You can still do life.

What are my favourite things about Vine Apparel?

Our customers, our community. I love that people come back! Honestly I do, both in store and online. I love that people know what they’re getting, that people come in to our stores knowing they’ll find something, they won’t have a shopping hangover after, and they will actually wear every single thing they buy from us, often.

And they are honestly the nicest people in the world. Feedback we get all the time is amazing, and my absolute favourite part is that they are real. Not all photo-shopped supermodels who could look good in a paper bag, they are real people.

Mums who are always on the go. 20 something year olds going to gigs or festivals, someone looking for a dress to wear to a wedding, someone, anyone –  looking for something they can just throw on on those “I have nothing to wear” days.

I love that our range is so versatile, and so many things are people’s “go to” when they are in a rush, or have something on. And EVERYTHING IS COMFORTABLE!

I love my staff, I love them. I have the best humans in the entire world working with me, and I love every single day. My husband works with us now too, my children are a part of it, it’s just the absolute best.

I just love it, I do. And I especially love having people try things on which would usually be outside of their comfort zone, but they do, and they end up loving it. I think that’s my ultimate. And I love that I can be me, my very own dorky ridiculous self pretty much always wearing my thongs, and people can relate to it.

This is why our aim is not just to sell you clothes – we genuinely want you to get
dressed, look in the mirror and smile.

If we can help you with anything, at all, or if you have any questions about anything we do, please get in touch.

Have a beautiful day,
Love Shelley & the Vine Apparel girls x