Do you love hanging out with the girls, shopping, new clothes, having fun, laughing and drinking champagne??? So do we, which is why we do clothes parties!

How They Work:

You invite at least 10 of your girlfriends around, and we will bring 3 full racks of clothing which can be set up wherever you like (even if you’re in a unit, we’ll help you re-arrange the couch).

We’ll go through the racks, telling you the price and size of each item – then you can shop until you drop!

Can I Take My Purchases Home With Me On The Night Or Do I Have To Wait?

You can take them home with you so you can wear them right away. Anything we don’t have with us on the night can be posted the next day, we do bring one of every size of everything we have though.

How Does Payment Work?

Payment can be made by cash, card or bank transfer. Layby is also available.

What Benefits Do I Get For Hosting?

You, will receive $100 of free clothing – permitting there are at least 10 girls there.

Do You Promise It Will Be Fun?

Yep we do, they always are. We have lots of groups of ladies who have them at the beginning of every season because it’s such a fun and easy way to update your wardrobe. And there is nothing over $59, so it’s always affordable, even if you have bills coming out of your ears you’ll find something that you won’t feel guilty about! 

I Have Heaps More Questions!

In that case, email us on and we’ll get back to you, OR give us a call on 02 9984 1824 for a chat.

They really are heaps of fun we promise, such a good way to shop and a great excuse to catch up with the girls for a champers. OH – and we’ll bring a bottle of champagne as well. 



"It doesn't matter how often you have or go to one as there is always something new to tempt you!"

- Kendall S

"Great night in!  

It's always so much fun having the lovely Vine Apparel ladies over to host a party. I've now have one every season. 

It's a great girly night in with friends and family. There are endless options for new clothes and accessories - and all so reasonably priced! The Vine Apparel team definitely don't disappoint. Every season I fill up on my VA basics and must have special pieces. I think 90% of my wardrobe is VA!" 

- Thyme J

"Vine Apparel parties are the perfect opportunity to spend time with friends whilst shopping for the latest fashions at an affordable price. Shelley and her team offer excellent fashion advice and allow you to try before you buy, in the privacy of your own home."

- Alexandra R

"Where do i start?  Who would have imagined that you could shop for beautiful clothes in the comfort of your own home and even try them on with all of your friends there for opinions.  Absolutely had a ball with Shelley who was our host for the night , fun , honest and friendly. .. Amazing night thank you :)"

- Liz C

"Highly recommend home parties. Great way to shop and catch up with friends. Very friendly staff great variety and best of all can try on before purchase :) xx love Vine Apparel clothing and staff."

- Brooke P

"The clothes parties are so convenient, an easy way to shop at home and catch up with your girlfriends. It's great having all of the clothes shown to you individually and then being able to try on in your own home."

- Bri C

"What could be more exciting than shopping in your own home!! When I heard Vine Apparel offer these amazing parties I new I couldn't say no. I love, love, love shopping and the thought of doing it in my own home with my friends, wine and canapés. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Friday night in!! The clothes are awesome, something for everyone in every shape and size and reasonable prices. Shelley and her staff are all so amazing, all so welcoming when you walk into the store and always happy to help you out.

I look forward to organising my next party soon and I recommend you do the same!!" 

- Marissa L

"I recently held a Vine Apparel clothing party for some friends.  There were about 12 of us which was a perfect number.  Shelley arrived and set up three racks of her clothing and went through each item for us.  Even though we were a bit boisterous and kept interrupting, Shelley persevered and eventually we were “let loose” on the clothes.  What followed was a couple of hours of mayhem as we all grappled and fought over items in a bid to try everything on.  Everyone bought something – some many items – and we all had a great night.  Can highly recommend Shelley and Vine Apparel for great value and a fun night in."

- Julie B

“Shelley and the girls at Vine Apparel are a great bunch of babes! Shopping at home has never been so easy. Racks of clothes turn up to your door, you try them on, and then you buy them! Such a great variety to choose from. And when you regret not buying that top at the party, you can just jump on line! What more could a girl ask for?”

- Roz C

"Vine apparel personal clothes parties, one of the best inventions! Well let’s admit it, who doesn’t love a spot of shopping! 

However this is not just any shopping experience, Shelley and the wonderful team from Vine Apparel set up your very own personal store right in the comfort of your own home. 

No need to go anywhere. No need to fight for parking spots.No need to join endless queues.

This is a wonderful customised shopping experience and a great way to catch up with friends! 

I loved not only being able to look at pieces alongside items already in my cupboard, but also having my friends immediate feedback prior to purchase! 

With the champagne flowing and being able to try EVERYTHING on this really is a perfect shopping experience!"  

- Ali H

"Vine Apparel clothes parties are a great night in with friends! There's no pressure to buy and plenty of opportunity to try on everything.  There's always something different and great basic pieces! Shelley is great - we always look forward to catching up!" 

- Courtney B

"Highly Recommend Vine Apparel. 

I have been to a few Vine Apparel clothing parties also I had one at my own place and was so happy with everything..

Everyone I had at my party were so happy with the great staff great prices and their gorgeous clothing.

Such a fun night in shopping in the lounge room everything was amazing.. 

Delivery time if needed was so quick, all my items I have bought from there is still perfect from when I first purchased it.. 

Can't wait for the next party.." 

- Elise G

"I have had the pleasure of hosting a number of Vine Apparel parties over the past couple of years, and they are always the most fun nights! Shelley is amazing and instantly feels like part of the family. She is friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about her brand of clothes she is selling. My sister and I now have a Vine party at the start of every season! I can’t recommend Shelley or her parties highly enough, you’ll have a ball and your wardrobe will thank you."

- Emma P

"I have recently hosted 2 clothing parties with Vine Apparel. I have held them at my work place for all my colleagues to enjoy a private shopping experience while enjoying a glass of champagne. (Shelley also brings the champagne). Hosting a party takes very little effort as Shelley does all the work. She is really well organized and her love for her business comes across in her presentation. We all had a blast while picking up some great clothes at an awesome price. I plan on hosting a party each season."

- Cherie C

“A Vine Apparel clothing party is such a fun night in to have with your girlfriends. It’s great being able to try the clothes on in the comfort of your own home and get second, third and fourth opinions straight away! Shelley is a wonderful host, so well organised and really knows her product range well.”

"A Vine Apparel party is such a fun way to get your friends together for a relaxing night of retail therapy in the comfort of your own home.  My friends and I look forward to hosting one each season."