Covid-19 Update

To our beautiful people,

We hope you’re all safe and well.

Just a little Vine Apparel update for you! We have FINALLY opened our Mona Vale Boutique again – YAYYYYY!

It looks a little different as we have taken the table out, and we can only fit 6 people in store at a time, so we really appreciate your patience whilst we feel our way through this new way of working.

At this stage we have opened Cromer up for online pick-ups, though we are still closed to the public. 

To be honest with you, this is simply because we can’t fit the shop in there right now, we are really struggling with space.

We will be moving our warehouse, the online part, hopefully by the end of July. Maybe August, but hopefully July, though we’ll be keeping our warehouse as a shop. 

And it’s going to be worth the wait, promise. Kids corner, big change rooms which will be AMAZING if you have a pram, and just a good shop.

Again, we really appreciate your patience as we work our way through this new way of working, and please know we are working our absolute butts off day and night to get your orders out, to make sure Mona is running as smooth as possible, and to get Cromer sorted.

I cannot thank you enough for sticking with us during this crazy time. 2020 isn’t over yet.



Shelley, JP and the Vine Apparel team xo